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Vacuum Free Cryostat

Vacuum Free Cryostat for Spectroscopy from Japan

Vacuum free cryostat for liquid samples

Vacuum free cryostat for liquid samples

About Unisoku/TII Group

As a member of Tokyo Instruments, Inc. (TII Group), UNISOKU develops, manufactures and custom-makes the world’s cutting edge research instruments since 1974. It was chosen as one of Japan’s “Global Niche Top 100 Companies” by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in March, 2014. It is striving to be the leading company in Japan as “No.1 in Nano-Technology measurement and Photonics”.

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Vacuum Free Cryostats for UV-VIS, Fluorescence and Circular Dichroism: USP-203 Series

USP-203 Series of products are stand-alone cryostats. Their light weight and compact footprint allows them to be placed inside most commercial UV-VIS, Fluorescence and CD Spectrometers with proper adaptation. This allows temperature controlled measurements of absorption, fluorescence, or circular dichroism spectra.

The USP-203 Series of products have been used to measure liquid, solid or powder samples.

  • UV-VIS-NIR absorption spectra
  • Transient Absorption spectra and decays
  • Circular Dichroism spectra
  • Photoluminescence/ Fluorescence/ Phosphorescence spectra in UV- VIS- NIR
  • Photoluminescence decays

Outstanding Features

  • Vacuum Free–the cryostat does not require vacuum pumps to operate! No Waiting in the noise of the vacuum pump before starting your experiments.
  • Liquid Sample–no worries! It uses Standard Quartz 10cm x 10cm cuvette!
  • Kinetic Study–great! Reagents can be injected and mixed by the magnetic stirrer, makes it easy for kinetic measurements!
  • Small Volume of samples: adaptor available to accommodate 1mm optical path cuvette!
  • Both Cooling (-80 °C standard, -180 °C conditional) and Heating (+100 °C).
  • Light weight and compact footprint.