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FluoDia T70

FluoDia T70 High Temperature Microplate Reader

About FluoDia T70 High Temperature Microplate Reader

The FluoDia T70 high temperature fluorescent plate reader is manufactured by Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd, a Japanese scientific instrumentation company who made numerous plate readers for various companies on OEM basis. It was developed jointly by Otsuka Electronics and Photon Technology International and marketed by the later.

The acquisition of Photon Technology International by HORIBA Scientific Instruments offers a unique opportunity for customers to own this top performance plate reader at a fraction of its original price—a bargain that nobody should miss!

Key Features:

FluoDia T70 is a filter-based, high temperature microplate reader for measuring fluorescence intensity of samples in 6 to 384-well microplates.  The most outstanding features of FluoDia T70 are: reproducibilitysensitivity, temperature control, and dynamic range.

  • Highest Reproducibility: This is the ability to give repeatedly the same results, i.e. no inaccuracy due to equipment. The highest reproducibility of FluoDia T70 makes it possible to monitor minor changes in a signal that would otherwise be considered as the standard deviation of the machine.
  • Highest Sensitivity: FluoDia T70 is one of the most sensitive fluorescence plate readers on the market. It can read as low as 2.4 fmol/well of sodium fluorescein.
  • Temperature Control: The exclusive heating stage allows Fluodia T70 to control   temperature up to 75° C with accuracy of ±0.3°C and homogeneity of ±0.3°C across the plate. This allows it to be used for a wide range of applications, such as Protein Thermal Shift Assay, RNA Invader® assay, ThermoFluor® binding assay, denature of a wide range of proteins, in vitro fibrillogenesis, et al.
  • Widest Dynamic Range: This defines the range of measurements over which the machine is capable of measuring. FluoDia T70 can detect signals within 7 orders of magnitude, which is the widest dynamic range of all plate readers on the market. This allows it to measure both very strong and very weak samples in the same plate.
  • FluoDia T70 has many other important features:
    • Dual wavelength measurement capability allows it to be used for applications such as FRET, intracellular ion or pH et al.
    • Multiple points/well measurement feature allows users to choose which points in a given well signals should be collected when using 6, 12, 24 and 48 well plates.
    • Linear or two dimension butterfly sample mixing, with user defined velocity and duration guarantees proper sample mixing before and during mulit-cycle measurements.
    • Quantitative measurements
    • Software complies with FDA21 CFR part11, which is useful for biotech and pharmaceutical companies
    • Barcode Reading Capability
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