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Nano Stick and Multi Stick Micro volume Cuvette

Nano Stick

Nano Stick and Multi Stick are designed for quick, easy to clean, simple yet very accurate measurements of micro volume samples, such as DNA RNA or Protein samples. While Multi Stick is designed to measure up to 8 micro volume samples using SCINCO’s Nano-MD Spectrometer, Nano Stick is designed for most commercially available spectrophotometers since it is of the same size as a standard cuvette. By allowing accurate measurements of small volume of sample(s) without the need to dilute, Nano Stick and Multi Stick offer a complete solution to analyze micro to ml volume samples including DNA, RNA, protein, et al.

Key Features:

  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility
  • Sample size as small as 0.5 μl
  • No need to dilute the sample
  • Easy sample loading
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable design
  • Nano stick is of the same size as the standard cuvette (12.5×12.5mm), which makes it compatible with most UV-Vis. Spectrophotometers
  • Operation of Multi-stick is controlled by software for Nano-MD Spectrophotometer from SCINCO

WWE-CS-Cuvette: Extra Length Screw Cap Quartz Cuvette

Dimension:  10 x 10 x 110 mm

Light path 10 mm

Material: ES Quartz Glass (190-2500 nm) 

Extra long (110 mm) quartz cuvette, especially convenient for use with CoolSpeK UV USP-203-B cryostat as well as other spectrometers.