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Nano-MD PDA UV-VIS Bio Spectrophotometer


Nano-MD is a full-featured UV-Vis Spectrophotometer designed in particular for the easy and accurate measurements of micro volume samples. When combined with Nano-Stick or Multi-Stick micro-volume cuvette, it provides easy yet very accurate and highly reproducible analysis of micro volume samples such as DNAs, RNAs, proteins et al. As little as 0.5ul, and as many as 8 samples can be measured in one run. Standard size cuvette can also be used, making it an all round spectrophotometer that every research lab, especially biological lab should be able to enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Compact & Small Footprint
  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility
  • Versatility
    • Micro-volume sample (0.5-2ul) can be measured directly using Nano-stick
    • Automated absorption measurement of up to 8 samples using Multi-Stick accessory
    • Also suitable for standard size cuvette cells
  • User-friendly software
    • Many Built-in Bio Methods for uses to choose from
    • User defined display
    • Data can be exported easily for demonstration and publication
  • High dynamic range (up to 3.0 AU)
  • Fast measurement with pulsed xenon source and diode array detector, avoid photo-degradation, no warm-up time
  • Full-spectral data for each sample (190 – 1100 nm)