Spectroscopy Systems

Fluorescence Spectroscopy ProductsQuantaMaster™ (QM)  system for steady-state luminescence measurement

The QuantaMaster™ fluorescence spectrofluorometer series from Photon Technology International offers high performance and the flexibility. So whether you’re working in biology, medicine, physical or material science, measuring proteins, DNA, FRET and others, the QuantaMaster™ Series spectrofluorometer is the instrument for you!

  • 100% more sensitive: making it the undisputed industry leader in sensitivity
  • 10,000 times better stray light rejection: for vastly improved scattering sample studies
  • 10 times improvement in spectral resolution: for advanced fine structure analysis
  • Automated triple grating monochromator turrets: for extended wavelength coverage
  • Automated flipping mirrors: for optional light source and detector configurations